Finding the Next Best Offer in Real-time 

Bet+ turns the POS from a mere utility into an intelligent and effective marketing vehicle by learning and understanding the customer’s wants and needs at the time of making an offer.
Bet+ automatically identifies the most relevant wager to offer your customer by analysing in real-time the betting shop local parameters (i.e. location, home town teams, customer demographics and goals) and the bets the customer has already placed. This results in a dynamic retail promotion that is specifically targeted to an individual customer.
Keep Winnings in the Betting Shop
Bet+ helps to improve odds and boost payouts by targeting customers waiting to collect their winnings. Creating relevant offers for additional wagers greatly increases the odds that they use their winnings to place more bets. Bet+ also analyses wagers to identify cases when the bets are stacked less favourably to you. In those instances, Bet+ promotes additional wagers which improve the chances the operator will win the majority of the wager.
Boost the Average Transaction
Bet+ creates offers that make sense according to previous wagers and the customer’s original betting pattern. Customers view relevant suggestion for additional wagers which compel them to make more bets, thereby increasing the value of the average transaction in your shop.
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