Maximises every customer interaction 

Lotto+ is an innovative and intelligent software solution that tackles the challenges facing the lottery industry head-on, maximising your customer interaction at the lottery terminal or shop by positively impacting your customers’ purchasing decisions.
Lotto+ deploys the latest retail technologies and customer tools using mathematical analysis and prediction of wagering patterns in real time to deliver customised, 1-to-1 targeted messages in a millisecond. These up and cross-selling principals, whilst educating the customer and cashiers about your products, are also excellent ways to increase revenues and introduce new games and draws.
Lotto+ seamlessly integrates with your lottery terminals and back office systems to automatically expose your customers to targeted suggestive selling for lottery games and draws. Lotto+ intelligently identifies the most relevant lottery offer for your customers and then creates dynamic visual suggestions for the additional offering.
Lotto+ helps increase same-store sales by:
+ Boosting average transaction per customer
+ Converting customer winnings into additional lottery ticket sales
+ Increasing customer loyalty
+ Improving cashier-customer communication at the lottery station
+ Increasing sports betting volume (if available)
Educating cashiers and customers about your products
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